Russia 1991-2008

რუსეთი 1991-2008


The book is a comprehensive analysis of Russia’s foreign and domestic politics in 1991-2008. It reflects transition from the post-Soviet governance to the so-called ‘etatist’ model represented by the former KGB agent Vladimir Putin. It additionally looks at Russia’s nationalist, nazist and fascists movements in this periods. Finally, it concludes by offering term the ‘German paradigm’, explaining a shift from the pro-Western-oriented Yeltsin to sovereign democracy by Vladimir Putin. It must be noted that the book is heavy on various quantitative and qualitative data.

Title: Russia 1991-2008
Author: Archil Sikharulidze
Language: Georgian
Pages: 176
Year: 2014
Place: Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
Publishing House: Intelligence / Archil Sikharulidze
ISBN: 978-9941-9-665305
Property Rights: Archil Sikharulidze, 2014

Citation: Sikharulidze, A., 2014. Russia-1991-2008, Publishing House “Intelligence”, Tbilisi, pp. 176 (სიხარულიძე, ა., 2014. რუსეთი 1991-2008, გამომცემლობა “ინტელექტი”, თბილისი. გვ. 176).


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