Working Experience

Feb 2017-currently, Co-founder and a Head of Russian Studies Department at the Tbilisi-based Center for Systemic Political Research (CSPR).


  • Co-founder;
  • Contribute to the organizational development;
  • Manage and develop Russian Studies Deparment;
  • Researcher.


Feb 2017-currently, Co-founder and an Editor of the Georgian Journal of Systemic Politics (GJSP).


  • Co-founder;
  • Editor of Russian Studies.


Feb 2014-currently, Analyst/Project Assistant in Norwegian Helsinki Committee.


  • Analysis of human right violations during the First and the Second Chechen Wars;
  • Data Collection.


Oct 2013-currently, Invited Lecturer in Ethics, Administrative Corruption and Public Administration at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University for masters level students.


Oct 2015 – March 2016, Invited Reseacher for a research project “Islam in Georgia – Politics and Integration” conducted by the “Center for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House“.


  • Field works in Adjara region, Pankigi gorge and Kvemo Kartli (Georgia);
  • Data Collection;
  • Chapter writing.

Center for Systemic Political Research (CSPR)