Islam in Georgia and Integration Policy

Ислам в Грузии и Политика Интеграции.


The article’s focus is on Georgia’s Muslim community, the challenges that it faces and the approaches that the government pursues as a part of its integration policy.


Статья посвящена анализу мусульманской общины в Грузии и стоящих перед ней вызовов, а также политических подходов правительства страны к проблемам интеграции.

Keywords: Islam, Georgia, integration policy.

Ключевые слова: Ислам, Грузия, политика интеграции.

Titile: Islam in Georgia and Integration Policy
Author: Archil Sikharulidze
Type: VAK (RU)
Language: Russian
Pages: 71-86
Publisher: IMEMO RAN
Journal: Pathways to Peace and Security
Year: 2016
Place: Moscow, Russian Federation
ISSN: 2307-1494
DOI: 10.20542/2307-1494-2016-2-71-86

Citation: Sikharulidze, A., Urushadze, M., 2016. Islam in Georgia and Integration Policy. Pathways to Peace and Security, №2 (51). IMEMO. Moscow, Russian Federation. ISSN 2307-1494, pp. 71-86.


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